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Whatever the challenge you may have with any HR-related Business Process, our Team offers you sound, professional and ethical advice and a guide-through to eventual resolution. We offer off- and on-site Advisory services as required to ensure improved processes.

Imagine a world without laws or guidelines and the chaos that definitely must ensue without them. We work with you to put order in your business by developing a cultural/policy guideline for your organization. The Culture, style and brand of your organization as envisioned by your Management Team in addition to existing best practices, is articulated appropriately and made available to your employees.

Are you tired of the stress of responding to countless pages of RFPs and Bid Documents? Or dissatisfied with the non-reducing monthly overhead of full-time resources for completion of “seasonal” Bids? We avail our Professional Service to you in packaging and presentation of viable Bid/Tender Documents for Human Resource related processes.

Our sourcing services considers your requirement to the letter when we undertake this for you. We ensure that your specific manpower needs are met. We do what we need to do, go where we have to in order to get your specification.

There is nothing as good as having an all-round acceptable Compensation (and Benefits) Structure for your organization. We will benchmark your organization with others in your Industry and make you as viable an employer as any other in your Industry. We can also administer your Payroll only, with statutorily compliant processes.

Attendance at Training Programmes are no good if there is no “Needs Analysis” to determine what challenges each employee needs to surmount. Before you send your employees for that Training Programme and complain of no positive results, why not let us carry out your Training Needs Analysis and determine if all you need to change is just within your reach.

At the completion of a Training Needs Analysis, and as requested, we go further to develop an appropriate Training Package (HR Business Process-related) as well as specific modules which we can facilitate or hand over to your in-house Trainers to handle, if preferred.